26 - Apr - 2012

Song: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire
Today I am going to show you all of the things that I lug around with me in my bag on a day-to-day basis; lately it has been this gorgeous cross-body saddle bag from Forever21.

1. My SmashBook. I put everything in here! The pages are so much sturdier than an average notebook.
2. Coach coin purse.
3. Colorful ultra-fine point Sharpie's and Martha Stewart Craft pens.
4. Josie Maran Cream Blush in Sunset. (It has a mirror inside the compact so it pulls double duty!)
5. I always have shades. These were from Forever21 but have since sold out.
6. Burt's Bees chapstick / Clinique Lipgloss / H&M Lipgloss
7. Android phone, but I wish it was an iPhone!
8. Mini Hello Kitty playing cards.
9. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Fresh Picked Tangerines.
10. Fuji S1800 Camera (not pictured)
11. Re-usable bags. (not pictured) You have to use these, everyone! A plastic bag can take thousands of years to decompose.

What is in your bag?

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