27 - Apr - 2012

Song: Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone
I am working out my priorities in my mind, and most of the time when things are cluttered in my mind it helps me to put everything down on paper.

1. Love, and being a good partner.
2. My health and happiness with how I feel.
3. Being creative every day.
4. Feeling like I do something important, and ideally, being able to do what I love as a paying job. (And this is the hardest part for me because unfortunately, right now I am not doing what makes me happiest. And I need to figure out what that really is and how to make it my life's ambition.)
5. Making a positive impact on the people and environment around me.

Now that I know what the important things are - and are not - I just need to make the proper adjustments, and do the work necessary to align my life with my goals. I feel better already.
And for your patience in listening, here is an adorable picture of our grumpy cat letting us hold him like a baby the other day and pet him. He actually purred and enjoyed it.

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